Quietus - The Best Albums Of 2010 So Far :
"In Mathew Sawyer's world, love is important, but seems less important than the circumstances and details of itself. Just because Mathew Sawyer's voice is odd, doesn't mean he'll fall back lazy on sung melodies. Originality squared is something infinite. Mathew Sawyer says and does things that feel right at the time." (Kev Kharas)

Stool Pigeon (4/5):
"Anyone with sense will invest in this genuinely beautiful, fragile and intelligent album"

Uncut (4/5):
"Sawyer's sweetly faltering voice and darkly surreal lyrics complete the intriguing, pathos-drenched picture"

The Mad Mackerel :

"Mathew Sawyer is simply one of those rare individuals who sees things differently from the rest of us and can turn it into musical gold...’How Snakes Eat’ is a startling record that demands your full attention from the very first moment."

The line of best fit :
“A rare blend of humility, honesty and humour…refreshingly original and as always slightly at odds with itself...Mathew Sawyer is as much an artist, as he is a musician, taking us into a surreal universe...Stunning, minimalist and haunting”

Penny black music :
"Combination of innocence, playfulness and mild insanity...Beautifully aware of itself throughout and totally compulsive"

God is in the tv (4.5/5) :
"Bonkers talent like this doesn’t come up every day."

The original sin :
"[How Snakes Eat] might only reach a handful of people (I donít expect this genius showing up in Later with Jools) but just be sure that you are one of them who give it a try."